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"Accurately control your business finances."

Markets are constantly changing. IVC helps you manage the company’s finances in an agile and efficient manner so you can focus on making decisions.

We accompany you from the design of an accounting structure adapted to your business to key processes for your growth, such as financial planning, cash management, and budget control.

Our financial services are always tailored to your needs.

We use a methodology that has been tested for years at companies in many different sectors and sizes. We identify the key value your business provides and adapt your accounting and reporting plan so that your decision-making has a solid economic foundation.

At IVC, we carry out the following with precision:

  • Accounting plan and cost centers
  • Reporting models and income statements
  • Planning and budgeting

The wide range of projects that IVC manages, from startups in their initial stages to regulated companies and multinationals, allows us to address the accounting requirements of any economic event that a company may face.
At IVC, we operate the following processes:

  • Invoicing and collections
  • Recurrent accounting
  • Fixed assets and depreciation
  • Annual accounts
  • Analytical and financial reporting

We provide you with experienced financial specialists who are highly qualified to support you in financial analysis and decision-making.

At IVC, we specialize in the following areas:

  • Debt and supplier control
  • Cash management
  • Analytical accounting
  • Financial management


"At IVC, we adapt our services to the requirements of each client through a scalable organization and depending on the volume of work and their needs."


Who are our services for?

Young companies

that are looking to expand their business model and grow while making the transition from startup to established company.

We provide the systems, processes, skills, reporting, and resources that startups could only afford at more advanced stages of their development.

Mature companies

seeking to innovate by launching or acquiring new lines of business or establishing a new company in Spain as part of their international expansion plan.

We complement companies with the methodology, resources and processes they need to build a flexible and scalable platform to accompany their growth.

Companies that wish to optimize

by outsourcing all their financial processes.

If you want to focus on the key, strategic processes of your business, IVC allows you to vary the operating cost of financial or back-office management. Our high standards and continuous updating allows you to achieve excellent results at an optimal cost. We convert your CAPEX into OPEX.



Our team works with:


We are methodical, with international capabilities and a focus on developing businesses for our clients.


Less advice and more execution. We focus on the actual implementation and execution of projects.


We are a consulting firm focused on achieving results thanks to our experience and strategic vision.


To achieve our mission at IVC we invest in human talent. We work with a young, dynamic, and international team.


Since 1970 we have helped thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to grow and expand into new markets through solid strategies.


We are used to working with all types of clients, from very small companies to large corporations.




Amendments to Royal Decree 249/2023 and the consequences for Commercial Companies. Last April 5, was published in the Official State Gazette, the Royal Decree 249/2023, dated April 4, which amends the main regulations for the development of the Spanish General Tax Law and the regulations of the main taxes, specifically, VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Successions and Donations Tax.


On 21st February 2023, the Spanish Congress passed Law 2/2023 of 20 February on the protection of whistleblowers and the fight against corruption.


On February 27th the resolution of February 6th of 2023m of the Directorate General of the Tax Administration, was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), approving the general guidelines of the Annual Tax and Customs Control Plan 2023.


contribution basis for Social Security As every year, the maximum contribution base is updated with corresponding CPI. the increase has been 8% becoming € 4,139.70 to € 4,595.50.